VM Easy Pacs is the perfect solution for all those medical institutions that require local, robust, scalable PACS, easy to configure and ready to operate from the first moment. 

Connect and start working

Within each VM Easy
PACK is the enormous power of VM PACS

Visual Medica has developed an agile solution that uses VM PACS within a powerful and scalable hardware, in order to allow a quick and efficient response for medical institutions that need a very easy to implement PACS.


Compact, easy to install and scalable

Ready to use

VM Easy PACS is a compact and affordable server, designed specifically for any medical institution with an imaging department.

This compact and easy-to-install server can be placed practically anywhere, Windows Server and VM PACS system are preinstalled on the hard drive, which makes it a ready to use product.

Large capacity
large power

VM Easy PACS has high performance memory and processors, fast processing speed with the possibility of increasing its configuration as the institution’s needs change.



VM Easy PACS allows easy access to hard drives, memory and PCI slots for quick and easy installations, updates and scalability.



VM Easy PACS can be placed almost anywhere thanks to its compact design (h: 23.5cm x W: 25.4cm x D: 23cm) and an approximate maximum weight of 9.70 kg.

Integrated software

VM PACS Visual Medica

Custom configuration

VM Easy PACS allows you to gradually increase storage as your institution grows.

VNA Compatibility

View all of your patient’s DICOM studies or those in other formats such as electrocardiograms.

Easy and Secure Access

Access images and reports from anywhere in the institution.

Statistics module

Productivity Statistics reports, by users or modality.

Diagnostic Tools

Easy VM PACS has all DICOM diagnostic tools such as zoom, brightness and contrast, windows and level, measures, cine, combining studies, MPR reconstruction, 3D reconstruction and virtual navigation

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