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VM Cloud PACS is the solution for institutions that want to have the latest advances in technology for the management of medical images without having to invest in servers and hardware. It is also the best tool for doctors who are dedicated to report remotely or who wish to do teleradiology.

VM Cloud PACS Tailored Solution

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Principal uses

VM Cloud Pacs

Store, report and distribute your patients' medical studies without making large investments in IT equipment and IT departments. All in a 100% secure web environment, which allows your institution to focus on the most important: its patients.


Access from anywhere, regardless of the device and through your favorite browser in real time to all your patient’s studies. In addition, all DICOM tools are available for diagnosis. It is the ideal solution for all professionals who wish to do teleradiology.

Tailored Solution
WM Cloud PACS allows you to pay for study and add storage gradually as your institution grows
Medical Orders
VM Cloud PACS allows the medical support team to scan within the system, medical orders so that they can be visualized by the radiologist.
Easy and Secure Access
VM Cloud PACS is accessible from any device, its fast and intuitive interface allows each user to manage their information. All of this without sacrificing information security.
Productivity Control
Report productivity statistics, number of studies by modality, center or by doctor.
Study visualization
VM Virtual Film Visualizer developed on HTML5 which does not need to be installed and that has all the DICOM tools for diagnosis plus MPR and 3D.
Comment the study
Radiologic technicians may include comments to be viewed by doctors at the time of the report.

All functions for higher


Zero Footprint display

Visualizer developed in html5, does not require disk space nor installation. It works independent from the platform to be use and it is compatible with all operating systems. It allows access from any place or device (tablet, SmartPhone, Notebook).

VM Patient Portal

It allows patients to access medical studies taken at the service providing institution, through a user account and accessible from any web browser.

MPR Reconstruction

Multiplanar axial, coronal and sagittal MPR reconstructions from an axial volume, with a very simple and intuitive interface.

3D Reconstruction

Three-dimensional reconstruction from an axial volume. Multiple templates for different tissue densities, with combined templates. Slap tool (removes tissue densities). Full rotation of all images.

Configurable Display

Configure your preferences with options such as: Smart templates, customizable templates and configurable contextual tools, among other.

VM Cloud Pacs

VNA files

The VNA file viewer (Vendor Neutral Archive) of VM Cloud PACS allows you to add any type of complementary medical file, such as those from the laboratory, electrocardiograms and all types of files with compatible formats (jpg – png – pdf).

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