The best voice recognition technology allows you to accurately and clearly dictate medical information with a speed three times higher than that of a keyboard.

Voice Recognition

The voice is the star. The technology in voice recognition allows precise and clear dictation of medical information, which is directly recorded in the patient’s report or history. Artificial Intelligence coupled with medical vocabulary allow precision in the recognition of specific language.

Solutions for every need

Dragon Medical 360 – Direct

Dragon Medical 360 / Network Edition is the voice recognition solution for medical diagnostic institutions, clinics, practices and hospitals.

Improve your Efficiency

The dictation microphones that make your job easier

Philips SpeechMike

LFH3200 / 3300 Microphone with background noise removal, ergonomic and comfortable design, integrated sound card and speaker and antimicrobial surface.

Nuance PowerMic III

Designed for use with Dragon Medical, optimal for increasing the productivity of the doctor. Simple operation controlled with thumb.

Philips SpeechMike Wireless

SMP4000 Patented lossless voice technology, studio quality, decoupled floating microphone and touch sensor.

Nuance HeadSet

Superior audio input Microphone with background noise removal. Lightweight and comfortable design.

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