Store, report and distribute the studies coming from all the modalities of the institution, in a centralized server.


VM PACS VNA is the solution for the storage and handling of large volumes of studies.

Excellent response times, modular growth capacity to add storage space as required, web access and VNA compatibility to add non-DICOM studies makes it the best PACS in Latin America.

More functions for maximum productivity

VM Virtual Film VNA HTLM5

The VM Virtual Film HTML5 system allows the distribution of studies and reports electronically, as well as making study reports via internet and allowing access to the study as a virtual film

VM Patient Portal

VM Patient Portal allows patients to access medical studies done by the service providing institution, without the need for additional software through a user account on the web portal.

VM Print on Demand

Print images right at the moment in which the patient attends to claim the study, avoiding storage, saving on printing costs and maximizing profits.

VM Medical Workstation

VM Medical Workstation software provides all the necessary DICOM tools for a good diagnosis: zoom, brightness and contrast adjustment, Windows and Level, measurements, cineradiography, combined diagnostic, MPR reconstruction, 3D and Virtual Navigation.

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